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Yoga Retreat Permaculture Series: Soil building in the Bahamas


“Permaculture is Yoga for the earth and Yoga is Permaculture for the body”- Dhyanananda

Permaculture is a design system for sustainable living. Permaculture’s foundation of principles and design concepts are universal and can be suited for any region or location. The principles of permaculture can help us reduce society’s overuse of industrially produced resources which are destroying the Earth’s ecosystems, and help us instead transition to self-reliant homesteads and lifestyles that will help heal us and our planet!


Every organic farmer knows they are not feeding plants; they are feeding the soil that feeds the plants. It takes about 500 years to replace 1 inch of topsoil in nature. We are losing valuable topsoil at a rate almost 40 times faster than it is being replenished. The Green Education Center is providing a 4-day workshop on soil building to help reconnect us to one of our most valuable natural recourses: the soil. This retreat will include hands-on experience taking dirt from sand to black fertile soil, designing a new garden, and implementing the design at the Sivananda Yoga retreat.


In this workshop we will learn:
Composting, Vermiculture, Mulching techniques, Permaculture Ethics and Principles, Basic site design, garden installation, and how to include Permaculture in your daily life in order to design your inner landscape to produce abundance, happiness and inner peace.
This workshop will be held at the beachfront Sivananda Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Healthy Vegetarian meals, daily Kirtan and yoga will be provided.


Several lodging options from private beachfront room to shared tent huts are available depending on your budget.

For more information on lodging go to the Sivananda Bahamas Website


This course is for people who want practical, hands-on experience to live a more sustainable life, build a more resilient community, increase self-sufficiency in our food production and energy needs, and anyone interested in meeting human needs by turning our surroundings into fully functioning ecosystems.

Where: Sivananda Yoga Retreat, Paradise Island Bahamas

When: Oct 1st-4th 2016

Cost: $218 plus lodging

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