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Mushroom Permaculture Introduction

Come learn ecologically sound ways to grow mushrooms in your garden and homestead!

This is a hands-on workshop for integrating fungi into your world, no prior mushroom knowledge required, this class is all about getting to know Fungi and learning to interact with them.

Mushroom Ecology: As a group we will start by exploring the landscape of the Econ Farm gardens to examine and discuss some of the natural patterns of life for Fungi.

Mushroom Gardening: Constructing our own mushroom patches can serve a multitude of purposes including food production, erosion control, and wastewater filtration. We will plan out and build-up native edible mushroom patches in appropriate locations on the grounds for plant companionship.

Composting and Mulching for Mushrooms: Many mushrooms live directly in contact with a diverse array of soil organisms, and often they can be encouraged to grow in more passive ways through developing specific composts and mulches. We will construct and inoculate these in class.

We are exited to host this workshop with guest instructor Ja Schindler.

Ja Schindler hails from Eugene, Oregon and brings with him over a decade of mushroom cultivation experience.  He focuses on developing and teaching approachable methods for food sovergnity, soil health, and mycoremediation through his organization Fungi For the People.  Later this year he will be releasing his first book on the subject, titled Fungi For the People Simplified Mushroom Cultivation for Food, Medicine, and MycoRemediation. For more on his work go to

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