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Inner landscape design principles

Permaculture uses design principles to organize and create systems for optimization within an eco-system. We use many of these same design principle to create abundance in the nature closest to us, our inner landscape.

Here are a some examples:

1. Observe and Interact
If we all spent just 20 minutes a day observing ourselves just imagine how much more we would know about us. This can be done with meditation, or chi gong, or a good cup of coffee on the back porch. Spend time listing to you. If you don’t know what you want you are just shooting blindly. If we aim toward our goals, chances are much better of hitting the home run.

2. Catch and Store energy
When we realize that energy takes many forms and can be stored in countless ways we begin to see the value in making hay while the shines. Abundance is real but it does not necessarily occur continuously in nature. We must learn to use all we have and store the rest for when the flower is not in bloom. Having more than you need can result in waste. Using less and being more couscous of extra can result in abundance.

3. Integrate rather than segregate
We need interdependence and not independence as a species to thrive. Nobody wants to be the “sustainable” person all alone in the forest. We need each other to share the joy of abundance with. Together we are strong.

4. Obtain a yield
When we watch television, or gossip, or engage in any of the other many destructive habits we may have, we are obtaining a yield. To become aware of this yield and acknowledge that it is a choice is the first step in wanting everything you have and creating true abundance in your life.

5. Produce no waste
There is no waste in nature and there are no throw away people. We are all an important part of the whole system. When we realize that there is value in the waste (compost) we begin to turn the trash into treasure.

Everything is here in abundance if you are willing to see it. We can look inwardly and set the intention to plant a more positive seed within our lives sending out a vine of kindness to everyone around you.

We hope you can join us for our three day Inner Landscape course with yoga, great food, permaculture, and an abundance of beauty.

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