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The Green Education Center is available to teach workshops at your location. Click below to see a list of some of our current classes available. We can host a wide variety of classes an customize them to your site. Contact us to schedule your next educational event today! 

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Why eat mushrooms?

Why should we eat more mushrooms? In short: nutrition, taste, and ecology. Mushrooms, the fruits of fungi, are the most nutritious foods in nature. – Mushrooms are the richest vegetarian sources of zinc, copper, selenium, ultra-trace minerals, vitamins B3, B5, …
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Plant fruit trees!!

Action: Plant more fruit trees Why? Many benefits come with planting trees in general. Trees are an important part of nature, mainly because they provide a much needed element to humans, oxygen. The removal of trees has been a big …
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Inner landscape design principles

Permaculture uses design principles to organize and create systems for optimization within an eco-system. We use many of these same design principle to create abundance in the nature closest to us, our inner landscape. Here are a some examples: 1. …
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