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Permaculture, hailing from the words permanent and culture, is an ecological design science which mimics Nature’s patterns and systems of balance. Whether you desire a simple garden or a large food system sufficient for a large community, whether you desire to build a beautiful home out of natural or local resources or want to renovate an existing home, whether you desire to simply use less energy or want to be completely off the grid, permaculture will pave the way and give you the tools necessary to accomplish your dreams.

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How to make Compost Tea

As an organic gardener, I am always looking for ways to add fertility to my garden. One of the fastest and most effective methods I have found is the addition of compost tea. What is compost tea? Compost tea is …
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How to make free biochar

  Biochar is produced when plant matter (leaves, trunks, roots), manure, or other organic material is heated in a zero- or low-oxygen environment. The carbon the organic material had previously absorbed via photosynthesis is thus captured in solid form; the …
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Permaculture Design Course 2016 in Sebastian, Florida announced!

2016~Time to Disconnect or Reconnect? Taking a Permaculture Design Course gives you the chance to do both. April 26th, 2016 will be the start of our 4th Annual PDC Retreat at Sustainable Kashi, in Sebastian FL . Take time to …
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