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The 2017 Florida Permaculture Convergence will be held for the second year at Kashi Ashram, in Sebastian Florida

December 1, 2 & 3, 2017

Earth, Land, and Soil

Permaculture, from design principles to shared ethics, is inseparably attached to a willingness to view the world with humility. An appreciation for the design and function of the natural world, combined with a desire to work with nature and not against nature, is the pillar of permaculture design. It is held from a place of caring for wild ecosystem and caring for the health of the Earth and its creatures.

Join us for the Fifth Annual Florida Permaculture ConvergenceWhere we will journey to the center of the Earth!Our theme will be an exploration in the heart of permaculture,  “Earth, Land and Soil”

We are the stewards of the Earth – we love this land and we love to build soil!

Social justice comes from Earth Justice.  Care for Planet is our number one ethic. Community begins with environment, through which we feed ourselves, our thriving species and all life functions.

The inter-dependence of living things sustains healthy soil. The land is the most precious resource on any permaculture property. A good farmer knows we are not growing food, we are growing soil!  From zoning to soil types and elevation, a good assessment and a little knowledge can go a long way to ensure lasting regenerative success. 

This year we will dig into the many details of what makes land good land to work with.

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